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On Tuesday morning we all set off to the Southern Water Sewer Tour in Brighton. Starting from the entrance at the pier we all donned hard hats and rubber gloves then headed down into the depths of Brighton Sewer. Our tour guide Stewart told us about all the problems they have with the fats and waste people flush down their drains.


The Clean Seas Please Team! This is when we were looking at the effects of “ragging” on our sewers. The picture below sums up why we all need to change our behaviour.



He gave us lots of information about the history of the sewers and how the Victorians build them. He also explained how a lot of the machinery works in pumping the water around various sewers. We got to walk up sewer pipes, in hidden tunnels and under manholes. The tour ended climbing up a ladder and emerging through a manhole, which surprised may passers-by.


Here is the man himself, our sewer tour guide, Stewart!

After being dubious about the smell the sewer might give off, it was actually an inspiring afternoon. We learnt so much about how the sewers work and what they have to do to remove all the deposits which are made by waste. It was a great experience and I would recommend anyone to go if they get the chance, it may not be the same as going to the pier or the aquarium but it was thoroughly enjoyable, even for someone who didn’t like the heights.

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