Stormy Seas Please?!

On Sunday the 27th volunteers descended on Hastings beach to undertake a beach clean. However, the weather had other ideas. We had been checking the weather forecast all week, only to see more weather alerts gradually appear warning us of an impending storm. Despite the warnings of 80mph winds and torrential rain we were determined not to cancel the event, a bit of wind can’t hurt anyone, right? As we were driving into Hastings we could see the black clouds hovering over the beach, but that wasn’t enough to stop us. We eventually all arrived, with various family members, dressed head to toe in thermals ready to face the weather.

We waited for the storm to pass, eventually sending Dan out for a quick scout of the beach, only for him to return a while later soaked right through – he forgot to put on his waterproofs – we thought he’d blown away at one point as he was gone for so long. We decided to call it a day after this, our thermal leggings were almost flying off us and the wind was so strong, if we’d attempted to clean the beach the outcome would have been either one of us blowing away holding the bin bag in the style of the Disney film ‘Up’, or the bin bag splitting undoing all our hard work.

Thank-you to everyone that turned up, it was a shame that it didn’t go ahead, but we tried, and have re arranged for another time, when hopefully we won’t have the worst storm since 1987! October a group of enthusiastic Clean Seas Please.

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