Why I Give A Dam

It’s easy in our busy world, rushing here there and everywhere, to ignore things that really do require some of our attention.  This is even more so when we are asked for some kind of action or to change how we currently behave.  Oh no, not another thing to do we cry.  What do they want us to change now?  Why should it always be me?

Just think about the donations that are sought from us on an almost daily basis, the DIY we keep putting off till tomorrow, that errand we really must do but somehow never quite gets done.

Trust me, I write from experience.  My life is spinning at a thousand miles an hour with a range of projects and activities, including my own studies, to complement holding down a full time job.  Oh yes, and then there is the family (and bless their patience with me).  Lots of things all vying for my attention and life, you could say, is a tad hectic at the moment.

So, why, when everything else is in chaos, do I still dedicate time to the Clean Seas Please campaign?  Why do I care about what people flush down their toilets, wash down their sinks, and leave on the beach.

You know why?  Because it’s my beach!  It’s my sea!


And I want to carry on using it for years to come.  I want my kids to use it and then my grandkids.  I want future generations to frolic in the surf and have the pleasure of playing on my beach, because that’s what I did as a kid.  I recall every summer, on the beach, day in day out, sometimes with fiends, sometimes with family, sometimes by myself.  There was even a stage when people paid me to be on the beach – the sea was the reason for my summer jobs – laid back, slowly tanning, watching the swimmers go by, and occasionally plucking one from the water when they found themselves in a spot of bother.

The thought that my beach, my sea, may not be clean enough for me to use in the future upsets me.  The thought that it might not be available for my grandkids, and their kids, should absolutely horrify all of us.

And you know what, if there is something I can do to prevent this, some small changes I can make in my life, to give my beaches and my seas a fighting chance, then you know what, I will add that to my list of things to do.  I may not be the solution.  How can I be: me, by myself, with little impact.  But if we can get enough of us to make some changes, and encourage others to do the same, then why not.  It is time to give a dam. It is time to clean our seas.


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