The Year Of Action

2014 is an important year for our seas.

With the new EU regulations for bathing water quality changing in October 2015, this year becomes essential in giving our seas and beaches the best chance they have of meeting the new criteria.

A run up, a head of steam, a call to action.

This is the year when we need to do many things …. and we will.

We need to increase awareness of the clean seas please campaign throughout Hastings, Bexhill and Littlestone. We need to tell as many people as possible about what we can do to improve our beaches and seas. We need to do our bit to help.

We need to think about what we continue to flush down toilets, sinks and drains.

We need to make sure we don’t leave litter or dog waste on the beaches or feed the seagulls so much that their poo makes it worse (more on this another time).

And …

We need to let agencies, councils, politicians, other campaign groups and water companies know that we are concerned.  That we want … no …. what we demand, is better bathing water and cleaner beaches.

We need as many people as possible to sign up to the Clean Seas Please campaign through our website.  On Facebook and twitter every like, every comment, every share and every follow has a positive impact.  It registers the concern of local residents. It registers to our politicians that their constituents want pressure on the water companies to ensure the new standards are met.   It registers to Southern Water that the local population want action ….. that they want Clean Seas Please!

Your sign up tells the powers that be that enough people care about this to make a change.  But this change can only start to become real when more people make their voices heard.

So this is our call to action.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues, tell everybody!  We all need to register our support for cleaner seas.

Make 2014 our year of action so that 2015 is our year of triumph.

(posted by Dan)

Priory Meadow

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