Yellow Fish appear in St Leonards

Large yellow fish made up of scales on the beach

Yellow Fish

We recently launched the yellow fish campaign with a group of school children from St Mary Star of the Sea, St Leonards.  After creating a giant people fish picture we walked down to the outfall at Goats Ledge following the surface water drain and painting yellow fish on the pavement.  If you see a yellow fish on the pavement above a drain it means that anything going from there, rain water, litter, dog mess, paint, oil or petrol will end up directly in the sea as this pipe does not lead to the sewerage treatment plant.

To help us maintain a good standard of sea water quality and achieve, not only the new standard, but to become the best beach around we all need to think carefully about what we pour or allow to go down a drain in the road.

Yellow fish painted on pavement by rain water drain

Take a look at our film –

Yellow Fish Launch – April 2014 St Leonards

We need to say thanks to East Sussex Fire and Rescue – Blue Watch from the Ridge Fire Station, Hastings Police, MJS media, Wordsmith Design, Bright Young Things, Hastings Voluntary Action, Rother Voluntary Action and most of all the staff and students on St Mary Star of the Sea – all who made the film possible.


Help Keep our Seas Clean!


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