Fat Funnels!

Thanks to Southern Water, we have been able to give out Fat Funnels for free at our events!Southern water logo These are funnels that screw onto normal plasticbottles so you can collect fats, oils and greases (FOGs) more easily. They have a great design which fits most standard plastic bottles and inside the lid of the funnel, there is a place to secure the cap of the bottle for when you dispose of the oil-filled bottle.

Credit: Ed Robinson/OneRedEye

The FOG-filled bottle must then be thrown away in the bin. They cannot be recycled as everything put for recycling should be cleaned completely.We have had some confusion at our recent events, so this should clear things up!

Although not recycling bottles a slight downside for using plastic bottles to store oil, when it is disposed of in the rubbish, it will be incinerated for energy! So it is not completely wasted! As discussed in a recent news feature by The Guardian (link here), some companies are planning on using these kind of FOGs for their main energy supply!

Another option to store your FOGs, is to use old Jam Jars! We have got jar labels, that we can give you to label your FOG jar, then you scrape the oil out and put it into the bin and reuse the jar. Again, the FOG-filled jars cannot be recycled unless they are cleaned, so no FOGs in the recycling bins please!

For your FREE fat funnel – check out our EVENTS page and see where we’ll be giving them out next!

fat funnels








Fat Funnel —> Screw onto bottle —> Fill up with FOGs —> Throw away!


Thanks for your support and remember, Clean Seas Please!



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