Top Eight Winter Tips by CSP

Crisp autumn walks along the beach have once again returned as locals and tourists embrace the sea breeze. Why not consider these eight top tips to help keep our bathing water clean?


  1. Baby Wipes: Can cause problems in the sewers if flushed – why not put them in the bin instead? Keeping them out of the sewer system makes it work better and helps our bathing water clean. Whenever you use them you can help to make a difference.
  2. FOG’s (Fats, Oils and Grease): It is important that these are not disposed of down the drain as it can lead to clogging in the water pipes, which can affect your own home as well as the drainage into the sea.
  3. Plumbing: Why not check your plumbing? It has been discovered that some waste water pipes are connected to the wrong pipe in some homes causing the waste water from appliances such as your dishwasher, to run straight out to sea. Many Plumbers will be happy to come and check where your waste water pipes lead to.
  4. Sanitary Towels: Although they say they are flushable they do not degrade very quickly and it is important that these do not make their way into the sea. Why not have a bin in your bathroom for your family and guests to use?
  5. Food: Disposing of your food waste in the sink or toilet can lead to clogging. There are many other useful alternatives, for example creating a compost heap that will give numerous benefits to your garden!
  6. Fouling: We all know dogs do it, so ensure you are never caught short without bags. Most bins in our parks, pavements and seafront now take dog waste as well as litter and clearing up will help keep our beaches and water clean, ready for your next swim!
  7. The Future: Look towards the inevitable. Do your research and find out how waste is affecting water quality. Organisations working towards this in Hastings include the Environment Agency, Southern Water and Hastings Borough Council. Why not follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or take a look at our website, for more information.
  8. Tell you friends and help us spread the messages to keep our seas clean.



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