Do you know what a misconnection is?

We didn’t until we were asked to help others know what they are, the impacts on bathing water quality and what to look for.

A misconnection is when the waste water pipes to sinks, or toilets, are not connected (misconnection) to the sewer pipes that go directly to the waste water (sewage) treatment works. When this happens, any waste going down the pipes goes into the rain water system and directly out to sea – which means that it does not get treated.

Often, we are not aware of the problem until our drain or toilet becomes blocked or we have building work to our property and the misconnection is found. If you are not sure about the plumbing in your property, we would advise that you ask plumber to check this for you.

Over the next couple of months, the Clean Seas Please Team are hoping to talk to various people, including plumbers and plumbing students, to see how many misconnections they are aware of and the affects that this can have on the quality of bathing water in Hastings and Bexhill.

Why not have a go at our missed connections game? https://www.cleanseasplease.net/play-missed-connections/

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