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Whilst we are working together to help our bathing water quality in Hastings by thinking about how we disposed of Fats, Oils and Grease, only putting the three P’s (pee, poo and paper) in the toilet, how our waste water pipes are connected and how we disposed of rubbish, there are worldwide initiatives as well.

One of these projects is called The Seabin, an invention spurred by two Australian surfers called Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski to clean polluted waters. The invention itself is a bin that goes underwater and collects plastic from the sea and it was reported by in July 2016 to be:

“In final stages of research, and should be available in 17 countries early next year”

There has yet to be any updates this year as to whether the Seabin is an invention that will be environmentally friendly and used on a global scale, however Clean Seas Please will be keeping an eye out for any updates so that we can keep you all informed as it will be interesting to see if this would be a great way to prevent the waste in our seas and oceans.

The research was conducted by fitting bins to pontoons and submerging them into the Balearic Seas in Spain where a pump is used to vacuum waste from the surface of the sea. The bins are then emptied when they are full and the waste is then recycled. also reported:

“Marine authorities around the world have expressed an interest, and the team has signed agreements to make the bins available in 17 countries from the beginning of 2017.”

To watch the short film of The Seabin in progress and for more information, check out the following link:



Why not check out our other blog posts on this page around the effects of plastic and microbeads or come along and help at a beach clean?

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