For all you smokers out there….. why not think before you stub?

Without stating the obvious, cigarettes contain many toxins, with the smoke alone releasing over 4,000 chemicals and 400 other toxins but have you ever wondered what is left in the filter, or as we know them the “butts” of cigarettes?

Cigarette filters are made from a material that traps the toxin causing chemicals, to try and prevent theses reaching the smokers lungs…… so now imagine what happens when you throw the cigarette butt away.

Dropping a cigarette butt on the ground, including the beach, can lead to an £80 fine. Did you know that an estimated that over 1.69 billion pounds of butts wind up as toxic waste each year with many sources proving cigarette butts are the most prolific form of litter in the world.

The toxic waste in the cigarette butts also have a negative effect on the surrounding environment, taking 20-25 years to decompose. Whilst they are laying around they are often eaten by birds or marine life with the result that the toxins cause harm to them and us when they enter the food chain.

So; what can we all do to help?

Why not set an example – could you stub and dispose of your cigarette butt end so that it isn’t on the ground?

Why not help clean up – join a local beach clean. Pick sticks and thick gloves are supplied so you don’t need to touch any waste found. Have some fun, help the environment and possibly make more friends!

Check out our website …. And social media ….. for details of events.


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