Campaign 2017 – Clearer Labeling on Wipes

Have you spoken to the Clean Seas Please team this year about “flushable” wipes? It’s been the hot topic of this year’s events.

In 2016 we supported the campaign to ban the microbead; which has been confirmed by the Environment Secretary, Mr Grove, that legislation will be introduced this year to ban their sale and manufacture [read here].

This year we are supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s campaign to remove any misleading or confusing labels such as flushable, biodegradable, dispersible, etc. on wet wipes. This will make it crystal clear that only the 3P’s pee, poo and paper, should ever be flushed down loos.

The problems with  wet wipes, however branded, is that they are simply not meant to be flushed! Wipes generally do not disintegrate, and often have plastic inside (which can even enter in the food chain)!

The Marine Conservation Society has lots of information on the website too WetWipesTurnNasty, including commonly asked questions and how to sign the petition.

Don’t hesitate to have a read or watch the video below.


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