Two yellow seahorse images on blue roundal with Clean Seas Please lettering


Welcome to the Clean Seas Please website


Clean Seas Please is as community led campaign managed by Rother Voluntary Action and Hastings Voluntary Action, funded and in partnership with the Environment Agency.

The campaign started in 2014 as a result of the UK’s steps to meet the new European Sea Bathing Water Quality Directive. Originally there were 55 areas around the country identified as at risk of failing with this issue being particularly significant where beaches are associated with a tourism economy, Hastings and Bexhill for us.

After three years of intensive work by the Environment Agency, Southern Water and Hastings Borough Council and our communities (with a little help from us) we were pleased to be able to announce that Hastings not only passed the new standard but achieved a good level.  Bexhill similarly achieved a good result and this has been maintained during 2016/17 season.

Like the sea we can’t sit still.  We all need to keep considering how we can help keep the standards we have reached or even achieve an excellent status.  The Clean Seas Please team are happy to be able to help raise awareness of this and the related issues, disposal of fats oils and grease, ragging (wet wipes particularly)  and connections for waste water pipes from our buildings.

Together we can make a change, achieve excellent standards and be proud of our beach and the sea bathing water quality.

Our work includes:

  • Community events
  • Work in schools
  • Working with building contractors, colleges and their professional associations
  • Catering outlets
  • Hospitality trade
  • Parents and children

We invite you to take a look at this site, join in by blogging, posting to Facebook, tweeting or loading pictures to our Instagram account.  Coming to meet us at the various events we are arranging or attending and having fun.