Hastings Pier Charity works with Clean Seas Please

The Clean Seas Please team are very happy to welcome the support of Hastings Pier Charity, another important feature of our town for residents and tourists alike. Simon Opie from the Hastings Pier Charity said: ‘Hastings Pier Charity strongly supports the Clean Seas Please campaign. Piers are designed to connect people with the sea and […]

Why I Give A Dam

It’s easy in our busy world, rushing here there and everywhere, to ignore things that really do require some of our attention.  This is even more so when we are asked for some kind of action or to change how we currently behave.  Oh no, not another thing to do we cry.  What do they […]

Stormy Seas Please?!

On Sunday the 27th volunteers descended on Hastings beach to undertake a beach clean. However, the weather had other ideas. We had been checking the weather forecast all week, only to see more weather alerts gradually appear warning us of an impending storm. Despite the warnings of 80mph winds and torrential rain we were determined not to cancel the event, […]

Baby wipe poem

A poem about a baby wipe It’s sad but also true For when done with mopping baby things Its flushed right down the loo “Its gone” the owners cry with glee As it spins around the pan The pack said it is flushable Now isn’t that just grand But with regret this isn’t true Well […]