the WINNER is…

After receiving 63 design entries over the last few weeks, we are pleased to announce the two winners. It is safe to say, our job was not easy choosing the winner. This is because all of the little artist did an amazing job at our design stations.

The BEST Mug Design was chosen out of 32 designs.

The winning mug design. Mermaid – ‘Clean Me’

The BEST T-shirt Design was chosen out of 31 designs.

The winning T-shirt design (sticking with the Seafood and Wine(!!!) Festival theme)

If one of the winning designs is yours do not hesitate to contact us as these designs will be made into real products.
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By e-mail:
By telephone: 01424 217259

We are looking for Ambassadors!

Are you someone whose involvement in the community is outstanding? Someone who does voluntary beach clean ups? Someone who is passionate about getting the message out there about the current environmental issues and is keen to make a change? If any of the above applies to you or you know someone, we would love to hear from you!

Youth Ambassadors

Anyone who is 18 or under and is passionate about our local environment, has clean up the area they live, or promoted environmental issues somehow.

Clean Up Ambassadors

Anyone who is passionate about or enjoys spending some time litter picking in their free time.

Businesses with ethical practices

Any business in the local community that has been adopting environmentally ethical practices. We would like to give a shout out to business who have gone out if their way to be behave in a more environmentally conscious way with attention to the cleanliness of our seas.

We would also love to recruit volunteers.

Beach School Ambassadors

We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in working with children in our beach school sessions.

This might include: setting up sessions, running an activity, planning an activity, risk assessments.

Events / Advocates Ambassador

The Clean Seas Please team could use a helping hand at events. Role would include, for example: setting up and packing away, supporting our stall and speaking to the public about our core messages and issues surrounding the bathing water quality locally.

Promotional Ambassador

There is much more to a project than reports or attending events. In the digital world, where everyone receives information online, we need to keep up as well. Therefore, online and social media presence is just as important.

Can you help us: edit our social media pages, write blog entries, or sharing the word about what we do in the area?

We can provide free food hygiene level 2 training (relevant to beach schools), risk assessment training, and first aid training to all our volunteers. We believe these would be some great skills to put on your CV.

T-shirt and mug design competition

After a very successful weekend at the Bexhill Festival of the Sea, Clean Seas Please had received 24 entries to the T-shirt and Mug design competition. However, by the end of the competition we had 53 design to choose from.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on the 18th of September. The winning designs will be produced into a T-shirt and Mug.

You could find us at the Seafood and Wine Festival in Hastings on the 14th and 15th of September 2019, where we had our design station set up. It was completely free entry!

On the occasion your art is already submitted and uploaded on either our Facebook page or our website, do give it like or share it on your page. 🔻 Keep scrolling for all the arts submitted. 🔻

Alternatively, if you are unable to come and see us in person, we have created a printable template of both items. We accept entries as picture or a scanned document on our Facebook, by e-mail: or to our postal address: 47 London Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, TN39 3JY.

You can access the T-shirt printable by clicking here and for the mug printable just click here.

Clean Seas Please stall and design station at the Bexhill Festival of the Sea
Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival
Design station at the Seafood and Wine Festival in Hastings


The solar powered vacuum to clean ocean plastic

The SeaVax project began in 2015 under Bluebird Marine Systems with the aim of removing plastic from rivers and seas. The project is developing new technology to aid ocean conservation battle climate change. Since its launch, SeaVax has put a plethora of research into developing low carbon alternatives for waterborne transportation which they have used to design a zero-carbon vessel powered by wind and solar energy. A proof of concept 1/20thscale model was exhibited close to the start of the project. 

In 2017 SeaVax was taken over bythe Cleaner Ocean Foundation (a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation with charitable attributes based in Hailsham, East Sussex). The organisation has chosen not to raise funds selling SeaVax commercially. Despite the Climate Emergency, there has still been a struggle to secure funding to build something as big as SeaVax. This lack of support for the project has had a significant effect on the development of the full-size model. 

There is still hope for SeaVax as a developing system to transport people and goods via zero-carbon vessels. The Climate Change Challenge project, working in association with the Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd. has received funding to create the ‘Climate Challenger’ – a zero-carbon long-range cruiser. Since the same wind and solar system operating system would be used for both vessels, there may be some hope for EU funding. This has been potentially hindered by the political vulnerability of the UK at the end of 2019, but the SeaVax team remain hopeful. 

Alongside building a zero-carbon machinery, the project supports changes in G20policy made by leaders in Hamburg in 2017. There is currently a lack of policing when it comes to dumping plastic waste in international waters. 

Thanks to G20, now there is a limit on single use plastic on land. This will have a positive long-term impact on the environment as it will reduce the rate at which plastic is dumped. Unfortunately, it will not reduce the levels of plastic already present in our oceans. It is vital to not only to fund further research but to support in policy towards ocean cleaning projects. 

Congratulations to all the volunteers that have gotten SeaVax to where it is today and will continue to push the project forward.

Campaign 2017 – Clearer Labeling on Wipes

Have you spoken to the Clean Seas Please team this year about “flushable” wipes? It’s been the hot topic of this year’s events.

In 2016 we supported the campaign to ban the microbead; which has been confirmed by the Environment Secretary, Mr Grove, that legislation will be introduced this year to ban their sale and manufacture [read here].

This year we are supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s campaign to remove any misleading or confusing labels such as flushable, biodegradable, dispersible, etc. on wet wipes. This will make it crystal clear that only the 3P’s pee, poo and paper, should ever be flushed down loos.

The problems with  wet wipes, however branded, is that they are simply not meant to be flushed! Wipes generally do not disintegrate, and often have plastic inside (which can even enter in the food chain)!

The Marine Conservation Society has lots of information on the website too WetWipesTurnNasty, including commonly asked questions and how to sign the petition.

Don’t hesitate to have a read or watch the video below.


The Great British Beach Clean! September 2017

Over the weekend of the 15-18th September, as part of the biggest beach and river clean series ever, the Marine Conservation Society (website HERE) have teamed up with Waitrose to support a huge amount of beach cleans all over the country.

The interesting point is that…
for the first time, many of the plastics removed from events will be sorted and recycled, giving them a second life as new products. Rigid plastic and cigarette stubs collected on cleans will be turned into shampoo bottles and advertising boards.”

We LOVE this here at Clean Seas Please!

Get involved in an event near you – find out more by clicking HERE.


Clean Seas Please Team back for another year

Clean Seas Please badges and postcards

The Clean Seas Please Team are back for a 5th year!

We are pleased to announce that the Environment Agency have funded us again this year – our 5th year where we will be focusing on both Hastings and Bexhill.

Our first event – as set by tradition now – will be with the St Leonard’s Festival although this year we are going to be in Kings Road as part of the market rather than on the Lower Promenade.  Do come along and see us – we love to meet old friends and new faces.

Together we have another opportunity to not only make changes that keep our sea bathing water quality at a good standard but to strive for excellent in Hastings and Bexhill.

A good way to keep in touch with what we are doing and where we will be is through our Facebook and twitter pages.  Why not like and follow us?


Ever Wondered What Your Plastic Footprint Is?

Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic make its way into our ocean every year. Plastic is used in many day-to-day products including: packaging, textiles, and building and construction.


Unfortunately, around 1.2 million tonnes of plastic packaging are consumed within UK households every year but only approximately 45% are then recycled. It can be very hard to avoid throw-away plastic, however there are many minor changes we can all make to lower the levels of plastic entering our seas.


Some of these changes that can be made:

  • Lowering levels of plastic bottles or takeaway containers bought by using a reusable bottle or mug
  • Trying to use reusable bags when shopping
  • Lower use of plastic straws
  • Consuming beauty products that do not contain micro-beads


If plastic use is unavoidable, why not try to recycle by using green bins and recycling banks.


If you have ever wondered how much plastic you use in a year, follow this link to find out your plastic footprint with Greenpeace:


Here are the numbers we got:








It’s easy to overlook the amount of plastic you consume, but when calculated together it can often be an overwhelming amount! Why not try to keep a tally of the items you use to try and bring down your score, we certainly will be!



Clean Seas Please and Our Furry Friends 

The Clean Seas Please team visited Hastings Beach recently to give out some personalised Clean Seas Please poo bags to the owners of our furry friends.

Did you know that government statistics show the UK dog population is between 6.5 and 7.4 million and that they astonishingly produce 1,000 tonnes of faeces every day! Like any untreated faeces they can increase the bacterial content of the water and so if we don’t pick them up from the pavements and fields these can end up being washed down the drains and end up in our sea.

Mans best friend needs a helping paw to clean up after themselves. We know they all do it, so why not check before you leave home that you have a bag – we do. Also have you noticed that many bins now take dog waste as well as litter? Clearing up will help us all to keep our beaches and water clean.

Take a look at some of the dogs we met below!











For all you smokers out there….. why not think before you stub?

Without stating the obvious, cigarettes contain many toxins, with the smoke alone releasing over 4,000 chemicals and 400 other toxins but have you ever wondered what is left in the filter, or as we know them the “butts” of cigarettes?

Cigarette filters are made from a material that traps the toxin causing chemicals, to try and prevent theses reaching the smokers lungs…… so now imagine what happens when you throw the cigarette butt away.

Dropping a cigarette butt on the ground, including the beach, can lead to an £80 fine. Did you know that an estimated that over 1.69 billion pounds of butts wind up as toxic waste each year with many sources proving cigarette butts are the most prolific form of litter in the world.

The toxic waste in the cigarette butts also have a negative effect on the surrounding environment, taking 20-25 years to decompose. Whilst they are laying around they are often eaten by birds or marine life with the result that the toxins cause harm to them and us when they enter the food chain.

So; what can we all do to help?

Why not set an example – could you stub and dispose of your cigarette butt end so that it isn’t on the ground?

Why not help clean up – join a local beach clean. Pick sticks and thick gloves are supplied so you don’t need to touch any waste found. Have some fun, help the environment and possibly make more friends!

Check out our website …. And social media ….. for details of events.