Top Eight Winter Tips by CSP

Crisp autumn walks along the beach have once again returned as locals and tourists embrace the sea breeze. Why not consider these eight top tips to help keep our bathing water clean?


  1. Baby Wipes: Can cause problems in the sewers if flushed – why not put them in the bin instead? Keeping them out of the sewer system makes it work better and helps our bathing water clean. Whenever you use them you can help to make a difference.
  2. FOG’s (Fats, Oils and Grease): It is important that these are not disposed of down the drain as it can lead to clogging in the water pipes, which can affect your own home as well as the drainage into the sea.
  3. Plumbing: Why not check your plumbing? It has been discovered that some waste water pipes are connected to the wrong pipe in some homes causing the waste water from appliances such as your dishwasher, to run straight out to sea. Many Plumbers will be happy to come and check where your waste water pipes lead to.
  4. Sanitary Towels: Although they say they are flushable they do not degrade very quickly and it is important that these do not make their way into the sea. Why not have a bin in your bathroom for your family and guests to use?
  5. Food: Disposing of your food waste in the sink or toilet can lead to clogging. There are many other useful alternatives, for example creating a compost heap that will give numerous benefits to your garden!
  6. Fouling: We all know dogs do it, so ensure you are never caught short without bags. Most bins in our parks, pavements and seafront now take dog waste as well as litter and clearing up will help keep our beaches and water clean, ready for your next swim!
  7. The Future: Look towards the inevitable. Do your research and find out how waste is affecting water quality. Organisations working towards this in Hastings include the Environment Agency, Southern Water and Hastings Borough Council. Why not follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or take a look at our website, for more information.
  8. Tell you friends and help us spread the messages to keep our seas clean.



Sea water bathing results good for Hastings!

Results just released from the Environment Agency show that Pelham Beach has again scored good for its sea bathing water quality, with St Leonards acheiving excellent.  A big well done to the communities of Hastings and St Leonards doing their bit to help the Environment Agency, Southern Water, Hastings Borough Council and Clean Seas Please! to keep our ratings.  Lets try to get excellent for Pelham Beach next year.


Here is a link to the Hastings Observer site for more information:


Look out for the Clean Seas Please! crew again next year


“Wet Wipes Turn Nasty When You Flush Them!”

The Marine Conservation Society UK has started a petition for clearer labeling on wet wipes to prevent them from being able to be advertised as ‘flushable’.Threemonsters_0

“Wet wipes currently labelled as flushable don’t meet the water industry standard. Demand retailers include a clear ‘DON’T FLUSH’ message on their packaging and remind us only paper, pee and poo belong down the loo.

Flushed wet wipes are a nightmare. They make your water bills more expensive, pollute beaches and can harm marine life. Support our campaign…and help us tackle this increasingly serious issue.”

This is a great petition which sends out information which maybe people just don’t know! We’ve signed it – to show your support or to find out more, click on the link below:




Clean Seas Please Summer 2016

Summer is here (finally!) and the clean seas please team are excited to tell you we will again be out and about at various events in Bexhill and Hastings during July, August and September.

For those who don’t already know, we passed the new bathing water quality standards with the following results:

St Leonards: Excellent

Hastings: Good

Bexhill: Good

(You can check your area’s water quality on the southern water website)

Congratulations everyone!

There is always room for improvement, however, so this year we are back and reminding everyone of the things you can do at home which together make a big difference (as seen by the results of the water testing!)

We look forward to seeing you all – thanks to the support at the St Leonard’s Festival!


Here are the events we’ve lined up so far – we’ll let you know if we add any more!

29th July & 5th August – Alexandra Park Play Days, Hastings

3rd & 4th September – Bexhill Festival of the Sea

17th & 18th September – Hastings Seafood and Wine festival


Have a great summer!

The Clean Seas Please Team 🙂

Follow the Fishes! Urban Stream Route

We’ve been out and about for the last couple of days painting (with consent!!) yellow fishes on the pavements of Hastings and Ore.


These fishes show the path of Ore Stream joining up with the stream in Alexandra Park, and the route all the way to the seafront in Hastings! Soon there will be notice boards going up showing the actual routes of the streams, and the 2 routes we have created on the streets of Hastings.


Thankyou to everyone who came and said Hi! Hope you enjoyed the sunny weather like us!

Check out the video we made of one of the routes!

Hastings gets good!

Hastings Bathing water rated as good!

Two yellow seahorse images on blue roundal with Clean Seas Please lettering

In November 2015 the results for the standard of Hastings Bathing water were released – from a predicted fail in May 2015 when the new water testing year started, to not just a pass but a good standard.  This is a great result and achieved through the hard work of us all and our partners, the Environment Agency, Hastings Borough Council and Southern Water.

The official announcement can be found in lots of places – the link below is the one that Southern Water posted on the day of the announcement:-

Southern water announcement:-  Bathing water directive result

If you would like to find the classification and details of the bathing water results by beach, please use the Environment Agency link below:-

Environment Agency bathing water results by beach

We can’t stop now though – if we all keep up the good work and continue to spread the word on what to dispose of in the toilet – just the 3 P’s remember, how to dispose of Fats, Oils and Greases and food waste, and looking at how our houses are plumbed, especially if we have undertake plumbing work ourselves or have work done for us, we could even achieve an excellent result in November 2016!

Clean Seas Please – The Film!

Clean Seas Please – The Film

Our Clean Seas Please Campaign started in 2012 and over the three years that we have been developing and managing this so far we have undertaken lots of interesting, exciting and diverse things – from events, breakfast meetings, taking part in a BBC program, photographs with Keene, talking to plumbers, caterers, parents and, talking, walking fish of course!

We wondered how we could sum up what the issues were that brought about the campaign, Fats Oils and Greases, Ragging and Missed Connections, and what we did in order to help our partners – Environment Agency, Hastings Borough Council and Southern Water, to make changes so that Hastings could meet the new EU standard on bathing water.  We decided that the best way was in a short documentary – The Clean Seas Please Film – which you can see below.  We hope you enjoy it.


Best Dog on a Beach Photo Competition!

Thankyou to everyone who entered our Photo Competition!

We appreciate the support from everyone who entered and supported our competition, with special thanks to eat@ The Stade for sponsoring the winners prize! A big thankyou also to our Judging Panel!eat-at-newwebhead

Here are some of our favorite entries!


Winner! – Bronte and Dolcie!

Chimene Carrick - Bronte and Dolcie at Bexhill Beach

2nd – Tinkerbell

Angelica Rickard - Tinkerbell at Bexhill Beach


Joint 3rd – Sassy and Finn

Maria Dixon - Sassy at Bexhill beachMary Hughes - Finn Cooden Beach Bexhill













Runners Up!

HerbieAmber Morphett - Herbie Bexhill Beach

PoppyCarol Knott - Poppy, Glyne Gap

Pluto and RubyAnna Denton - Pluto & Ruby, St Leonards

PoppyClaire Fuller - Poppy at Galley Hill

JamieGill Peacock - Jamie at Bexhill Beach

Bouncy BountyJan Cutting - Bounty, Hastings

BaileyLaura Pidcock - Bailey at Galley Hill

NashaMartin Restall - Nasha at St Leonard's on Sea Martin Restall- Nasha at St Leonards on Sea

AnnieWendy Maylam - Annie Glyne Gap

DaniSara Cooper - Dani at Cooden Beach

TeddyPolly Gray - Teddy at Bexhill Beach

Thanks to Katy B for her online support on Twitter!

The singer-songwriter and musician, Katy B follows us on twitter!

This is huge for our campaign, and we would like to thank Katy B enormously for her support!

Hopefully we can get a few more celebs following us! Check us out on twitter and join Katy B in supporting us!


Thanks Katy B and everyone else for your ongoing support!

from Clean Seas Team 🙂

ps – don’t worry, we will follow you back! 🙂

Katy B follow

Hastings Voice Launch Party!


We had a great time at the Hastings Voice Launch party on Friday evening!

We spoke to many of you and we would like to thank everyone who came and spoke to us and filled out one of our questionnaires.

I hope you saw our leaflets in the goody-bags or grabbed your own goody bag from our table!

We would like to thank:

GOLDSTAR IT Consultancy
Azure, Ladybird
Little Miss Sparkle
Thorcraft Ltd
Hastings Chriopractic Clinic
Lord Brett McLean
Theatre Sense
Property Consult
VB Repairs
Clear Channel
Elaine Copeland
MJW Promotions
Little Sew and Sew
Slimming World
Compliance and Business Support Services
Rye Data Solutions
Sussex Exchange



Apologies for misspellings or if we missed you. 🙂

dog sticker