It’s the Dogs turn!


dog sticker

Check out our latest Dog Sticker!

This is to help us advertise the dog events we’re doing:

As you may have seen from our Events Timetable, we are going to be at the Hastings Annual Dog Show ( Monday 31st August)! Clean Seas Please will be there, giving away all our usual goodies, along with our wonderful new Dog Stickers! We will be giving away biodegradable plastics bags as well as well as water and maybe even some tasty treats!

September is not too far away! Following the dog show, we’re hoping to get a group together for a dog walk along Pelham Beach,on Saturday 12th Sept, followed by a picnic in Grosvener Gardens in St Leonards. We’ll also have our flyers and biodegradable bags and dog stickers! Get in contact if you would like some more info, or to get involved!

This is to encourage those of you who have dogs to pick up after them because otherwise, it will end up being washed away into the sea, down the drains or on the beach! Even inland, in parks all drains on the street will eventually get to the sea untreated.

I’m sure most of you do anyway, but its good to raise awareness! We like our seas nice and clean!


Hope to see some of you at these events, with tails wagging!!

Thanks for the ongoing support!

#cleanseasplease !!


Toxic Algae Closes Reservoir in Alexandra Park



A bloom of poisonous algae has been found on Harmers Reservoir in Alexandra Park.

Blue-green algae has been spotted in the reservoir and Hastings Borough Council has closed access to the reservoir as a precaution.


Link to full story on Hastings Observer:



15th July – The Latest From Us!

In the last week:

Saturday 11th July – St Leonards Festival!Stleonardsfest_2015_2

On the gloriously sunny Saturday we had a lovely stall up in the St Leonards Festival. We could hear the lovely sounds coming from the main stage as well as the delicious smells coming from the catering tents! But we managed to resist, wandering over to other tents and stuck by our Clean Seas Please stall.

We are very happy to say it was a great day for us! A lot of enthusiastic people and many new names have signed up to our campaign!

Thankyou to everyone who came up to use and made it such a memorable day!



Tuesday 14th July – In2PlayCSP In2Play visit_2

We have had our first Nursery visit! Bringing the colourful Clean Seas Please to In2Play in Hastings, we coloured in our unique Clean Seas Please underwater scene, made some fish out of paper plates and chatted to the parents about our campaign.

It was a fun morning, with hopefully some helpful information given out in our goody bags! It is safe to say, glitter glue pens were a dominant favourite for both adults and kids alike, at this event!

Thanks to everyone who was at In2Play, you were all very welcoming!

Hopefully we will get out and about to a few other Nurseries in Hastings and in Ore!



Wednesday 15th July – Lifeguard Visit

Had a quick chat to Hastings Voluntary Lifeguards before their first day of training, they are all on board with our campaign and have had an informative chat about us! So hopefully you’ll see them on their patrols or at their office wearing our badges and continuing to spread the word about keeping the seas clean! P


Thanks for the ongoing support guys, and remember: Clean Seas Please!

If you would like any more information, hopefully you can find it on our website but if not, please get in touch via the website, facebook or twitter!



Our Report is here!

Clean Seas Please Report_COVER


Great news! We have compiled a report which explains all about our campaign and how we have developed over the last couple of years.

It details the problems that were outlined and how we approached them in order to give information out to the public in a friendly way.

Within the report is also an evaluation of our campaign so far and the recorded reactions of it.


Have a read! It is now on our website (link below) so please take a look!



Clean Seas Please at this years St. Leonard’s Festival

st leaonards festival

Clean Seas Please will again be present at this years St. Leonard’s Festival.

We are looking forward to being a part of this years popular event and we look forward to seeing you there.

This years theme is the 1950’s, so come and join us in our quest to improve the sea quality in Hastings in a fun and informative way.

For more information about the Festival and about what will be on, on the day, keep yourself updated by following the Festival on

twitter: @stleonardsfest

Facebook: St Leonards Festival

Hope to see you there.

The Clean Seas Please Team.

Clean Up of park’s pond

Alexandra Park map


This is an interesting read about the work that Hastings Borough Council, the Environment Agency and Southern Water is doing in Alexandra Park in Hastings. For the full article please click on the following link: Rye Observer – Alexandra Parkarticle


Wet wipes are a pain in the drain

Southern water treatment work 2

Did you know that wet wipes and cooking oils contribute to about 75 per cent of all drain and sewer blockages in the UK?

These blockages can cost families hundreds of pounds to clear and significant blockages can cause toilets, sinks and baths to overflow inside homes, causing extensive damage which is extremely distressing.

If the sewer floods externally it can pollute watercourses and the environment.

That’s why water companies ask customers to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. Anything else should be put in the bin.

Wet wipes are one of the biggest culprits. Even wipes described as “flushable” cause blockages and the biodegradable ones often don’t spend long enough in the sewer to start to decompose.

Another pain in the drain which causes blockages are cooking oils, even vegetable and nut oils, which are poured down kitchen sinks.

These solidify as they cool and can block people’s private pipes as well as the public sewers, leading to flooding.

Small amounts of cooking oil can easily be disposed of by wiping pans with paper towels which can then be thrown in the bin.

Oil can also be transferred into plastic bottles, once they have cooled, before being thrown away or taken to a local tip to be recycled into biofuel.

For more information on what you can do to avoid nasty blockages and protect your home and the environment from flooding, visit