Hasting and Rother Charity Fair

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Thank you to everyone who came to say Hi this Sunday at The Hastings and Rother Charity Fair at the Azur in Hastings.

The atmosphere was vibrant and the College performances were highly delightful. Always a pleasure to attend.


BEACH CLEAN- Come and join!!!

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Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium is appealing for volunteers to take part in a beach clean tomorrow morning/early afternoon.

Staff from Blue Reef have organised the event for Thursday, October 9th on the stretch of beach beside the aquarium and they’re hoping to attract a large number of local people to come along and give their support.

Volunteers will be issued with collecting bin bags, a pair of gloves and a reporting form to record their finds.

“Hastings Council has kindly agreed to provide us with a selection of litter picking tools and volunteers from Clean Seas Please will also be lending a hand,” said Blue Reef’s Leanna Lawson.

“The plan is to meet up at the aquarium at 11am on the day so everyone can be registered and issued with cleaning items, datasheets and beach clean booklets.

“All the rubbish that we collect on the day will be brought back to the aquarium where it will be separated out and individually itemized.

“After that we will recycle as much of it as we possibly can while the rest will be disposed of safely in an extra refuse container” she added.

The event has been arranged as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Great British Beach Clean’ initiative.

Anyone under the age of 17 who wants to take part will need to be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers are asked to contact Blue Reef to confirm their attendance prior to the event. They should also wear sensible footwear and clothing and bring sunscreen if the weather is hot.

• The beach clean event is due to take place on Thursday, October 9th from 12pm-2pm. Anyone interested in taking part should contact the aquarium direct prior to the event on 01424 718776.

Clean Seas Please at this years Hastings Seafood and wine Festival 2014

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Thank you to everyone who made time to stop by for a cookie and a chat at this weekends Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival.

The Festival, was like always packed with loads of interesting stalls and the public was great.

Hope to see you at The Herring Festival on the 1-2 November 2014!!



Fatberg took four days to clear under London’s streets

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Fatberg in London

This fatberg in London took a team of workers from Thames Water four days to clear.

The mixture of congealed fat, wet wipes and other litter was washed into drains or flushed down toilets.

Thames Water says the fatberg formed under an 80-metre stretch of Shepherd’s Bush Road, as long as commercial plane.

Workers finished removing the dirt last Friday to stop local homes and businesses flooding.

They used high-powered water jets to break up the congealed mass so that wastewater could start to pass through the sewer again.

Dave Dennis, Thames Water sewer operations manager, said: “We have 108,000 km (62,000 miles) of sewers, and that’s a lot of pipe to keep clear.

For more read the whole article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/29015390

Clean Seas Please Event held on 22 August 2014

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A huge thank you to everyone who took time out of their bank holiday weekend to come and see us at the Clean Seas Please Event last Friday 22 August.

It was lovely to see so many kids enjoying themselves making jelly fish kites, kites made of baby wipes and fish made out of paper plates.

A huge thank you to the Mayor for attending as well Southern Water Road Show, Eat@ The Stade and The Stade Open Space, The Hastings Flag, The Shore Academy, Hastings Borough Council and Radiator Arts.


Our Little Trip Down the Sewer!

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On Tuesday morning we all set off to the Southern Water Sewer Tour in Brighton. Starting from the entrance at the pier we all donned hard hats and rubber gloves then headed down into the depths of Brighton Sewer. Our tour guide Stewart told us about all the problems they have with the fats and waste people flush down their drains.


The Clean Seas Please Team! This is when we were looking at the effects of “ragging” on our sewers. The picture below sums up why we all need to change our behaviour.



He gave us lots of information about the history of the sewers and how the Victorians build them. He also explained how a lot of the machinery works in pumping the water around various sewers. We got to walk up sewer pipes, in hidden tunnels and under manholes. The tour ended climbing up a ladder and emerging through a manhole, which surprised may passers-by.


Here is the man himself, our sewer tour guide, Stewart!

After being dubious about the smell the sewer might give off, it was actually an inspiring afternoon. We learnt so much about how the sewers work and what they have to do to remove all the deposits which are made by waste. It was a great experience and I would recommend anyone to go if they get the chance, it may not be the same as going to the pier or the aquarium but it was thoroughly enjoyable, even for someone who didn’t like the heights.

IMG_4146 IMG_4147 IMG_4148 IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4152




The Smart Sponge Plus at Alexandra Park!

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On Wednesday 7th May, two members of the team visited Alexandra Park to see the installation of a new addition to the stream. Despite the weather forecasts predicting torrential rain all day, for once we were quite blessed with the weather with sunshine pouring down on us as we spent our day by the boating lake. The reason for our visit was the Smart Sponge Plus. This is a new technology that has been developed in order to reduce the bacteria flowing into our seas, eventually resulting in cleaner, safer seas. As it really helps our campaign, we decided it would be interesting to pop along to see the installation and get a better idea of how it all works.


We chatted to Barry Marshall, from Smart Sponge who gave us all the details. He explained how the technology contained in the Smart Sponge Plus catches all the bacteria, and not only absorbs it but also destroys it. This is great news for the bathing water quality, as a lot of the nasty bacteria that were compromising the quality in Hastings. Barry explained that the slightly discoloured sponges have been used before in this location and are being reinstalled after being cleaned, whereas the white sponges were brand new. We arrived just in time to see the Smart Sponge Plus being installed; it was a smooth installation up until the last few blocks, when there was nowhere left to stand! A double layer of ‘geotextile’ was installed in order to stop all the debris from the stream (leaves, sticks, etc.) from entering the steel cage and disturbing the Smart Sponge Plus. Unfortunately there was quite a build up from the flow of the stream being diverted for over 24 hours, so the park rangers had the glamorous job of fishing the majority of it out with a net!

Untitled 1

Empty Smart Sponge Plus Cage

Untitled 2

Installing the Smart Sponge Plus

As the flow of water was gradually increased, the difference in the water quality before and after the Smart Sponge Plus installation was incredible. The water was a murky, dark colour in the sections before the installation, and after it was running clear with the bottom of the stream visible. This all happened in the space of a few hours, so lets hope it really helps to continue improving the water quality in the upcoming months before the new water bathing directive starts in October 2015. A more detailed post on the inner workings of the Smart Sponge Plus will be available in the upcoming weeks, with more in-depth and technical information on exactly how this will help and affect the local seas.

We had a great day out and are extremely thankful to Barry for sharing his extensive knowledge with us and letting us spend the day with him!

Untitled 3

Dirty Water Before the Smart Sponge Plus

Untitled 4

Clear Water After the Smart Sponge Plus


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Yesterday marked a very important date in the Clean Seas Please! campaign – it was exactly 18 months until the new EU directive on water bathing quality comes into force.

What this means is that if, in the coming months, our sea water doesn’t improve then it may fall below the required standard – which would make it unfit for us to swim in. And Hastings and Bexhill beaches are among the most at-risk in the county of meeting this fate.

If it does happen, this could have a devastating effect on the local area. Not only would it seriously damage the tourism industry, which brings in a lot of income locally, but it would mean we couldn’t enjoy the beach ourselves on a nice sunny day!

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. We have been delighted to hear from people at recent events who are aware of the upcoming change in bathing water quality levels. And there are more and more people signing up to our campaign and helping us spread the word about this important issue. The support we have received in the local community has been fantastic – which is a very promising sign.

Now we want to ramp up the discussion even further to make sure as many people as possible know what we are all about and why. We want to do all we can so that our beaches are fit for all to enjoy; and we’re saving the date 10/10/2015 so that we know what we are up against.

As a community, we can all help our local beaches flourish, so that they don’t just meet the new standards, but are among the best in the land!

Our Day at the Hastings Half Marathon!

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So, it all started off with the sun shining on the day of the Hastings Half Marathon. However, this was all to change. Our journey started with us getting stuck in a little bit of traffic, but we still made it with plenty of time to spare before the marathon commenced.


It was a great feeling to see the first runners pass us. They were running along in their stride, giving it their all and making it look so easy. We were very proud to see our CSP team, running on behalf of us, dressed in our blue Clean Seas Please t-shirts! It was fantastic that some runners had run in fancy dress; we witnessed a giraffe, a shoe, an American football player, and many a tutu!


Once all the runners had passed our first pit stop, we made our way to the finish line, where we had a Clean Seas Please stand set up. Runners were definitely appreciating our free Clean Seas Please water bottles that we were handing out!


It was at this point that the day took a turn for the worst; a torrential hailstorm. Luckily for us, we had decided to wear our wellies and waterproof jackets! We got very cold at this point, so decided to make our way back to our cars.


We would like to take this time to thank all of those who signed up to our campaign on Sunday; it’s great to have all of your support! Congratulations to all the runners, what an achievement!


Click on this link below to see our Facebook page – Many pictures were taken on the day!