How can I help?

How can I help – In lots of ways!                                                                                             

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  • Check out the following 10 steps:
    1. DRAINS – Check your drains. Make sure you are not allowing dirty water to run into local streams or rivers because your drains are wrongly connected.  (See section on Plumbing and  missed connections).
    2. DOGS – Clean up after your dog when taking it for a walk. If left on streets or parks, its excrement will be washed into the water table and the sea.
    3. SEPTIC TANKS – If you house is connected to a septic tank, check that it is not leaking.
    4. WASTE – Do not flush wipes, cleaning cloths, cotton wool, nappies, dental floss, sanitary products, contraceptives, needles, medication and other toiletries down the toilet.  Use a bin both at home and when out. (See section on Ragging).
    5. FAT – Make sure cooking oil and fat is not poured down pipes or flushed down toilets. (See section on Fats, Oils and Greases).
    6. REUSE RAINWATER – Catch rainwater in a water butt and use it for your garden. This reduces the amount of water running into surface drains.
    7. LITTER – Do not drop litter on streets or pavements, especially food waste. This encourages birds, in particular gulls, whose excrement can also foul bathing water and beaches.
    8. LIVESTOCK – Farmers should try to keep cattle and sheep away from riverbanks to reduce animal excrement that might get washed off the land.
    9. CARAVANNING – When on holiday, do not empty caravan chemical toilets into open drains.
    10. IN THE GUTTER – Only pour items down the drain that you would be happy to have in contact with your skin.

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