People in our community are talking about the new standards for the quality of our sea water that will be in place soon and that we may not be able to meet.

This is because the wrong stuff is being washed down our toilets and sinks which then pollutes our streams and the sea.

Pollution is also caused by the waste water from our dishwashers or washing machines being connected to the wrong waste pipes.

Local people are making simple changes to keep our rivers and seas clean so our beaches can be amongst the best beaches around.

Many people in our community are already helping by:

  • changing what they put down the toilet or sink
  • using a bin in the bathroom and when using public toilets
  • scraping fat and waste foods from plates and pans before washing up
  • looking at the way other people’s waste water pipes are connected or asking a plumber to check it out
  • getting children to think about how they can help too
  • finding more information and meeting the Clean Seas Please team at local events

You can also find out more at the following places:
Facebook: Clean Seas Please
Twitter: @cleanseasplease

Clean Seas Please is funded by the Environment Agency and managed by Hastings Voluntary Action and Rother Voluntary Action