The Sea is a better place...

When it's clean.

Our Partners

Clean Seas Please is a community led environmental initiative, supported by a cool group of organisations.

  • Events

We run or attend a number of events throughout the year, including; Hastings Pirate Day, Seafood and wine Festival, Bexhill Festival of the Sea, Beach School, and lots more. 

View our up coming events and join us to learn more about how you can keep our seas clean.

For more information visit our events page or contact us for details of future activities.

  • Beach School

Throughout the year we run many beach school sessions. We work directly with families with children 5 and under, with children 6 and over during school holidays, home educating families, and local schools.

#bexhill welcomes stArfish sid son of #saltysam and #seaweedsally from an idea from andy sharrocks created bi uncle richard aka @greenwoodcraftsman and uncle BSG aka @bexhillseagarden #lovebexhillonsea #bexhillseagarden


Check out our blog post about why fats, oils and greases are bad for our drains. #unblocktober #fogs #cleanseasplease

If you buy new clothes, buy organic cotton. Way less toxic, way less water.

"Growing cotton organically uses up to 91% less water than conventional cotton.... Conventional cotton uses approximately 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides."

Sainsbury's has ditched plastic applicators, saving 2.7 tonnes of plastic annually! Who will be next? @Tampax @Lil_Lets @superdrug @AldiUK @BootsUK
#EndPeriodPlastic #PlasticFreePeriods #PlasticPollution

Beachcombing then, beachcombing now.

#plasticage #plasticarchaeology #plasticheritage #oceanplastic #beachcombing

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