The Sea is a better place...

When it's clean.

Our Partners

Clean Seas Please is a community led environmental initiative, supported by a cool group of organisations.

  • Events

We run or attend a number of events throughout the year, including; Hastings Pirate Day, Seafood and wine Festival, Bexhill Festival of the Sea, Beach School, and lots more. 

View our up coming events and join us to learn more about how you can keep our seas clean.

For more information visit our events page or contact us for details of future activities.

  • Beach School

Throughout the year we run many beach school sessions. We work directly with families with children 5 and under, with children 6 and over during school holidays, home educating families, and local schools.

We would like to recognise your community efforts in Bexhill and Hastings. We are also looking into recruiting volunteers for several different positions. For more info see link below!

Saturday 21 September is #WorldCleanUpDay2019, it's also the #GreatBritishBeachClean.

So if you've been thinking about getting involved in a beach clean, now's the perfect time!

All the litter you collect will be recorded and form part of a global litter survey


Mornin cup of tea as good as it needs to be no expectations no entitlement #bexhill #bexhillseagarden #lovebexhillonsea we are all human and thats it some of us decide to be nice and considerate others well u know em...

Find out more about our design competition and details on how to enter by visiting our website.

Next design station is at the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival this weekend!

Hope to see you at the Festival of the Sea in Bexhill this weekend. We will be right next to @CAEpartnership Look

Look for the Clean Seas Please flag

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